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Pondering Behind Ahead is Dufreshest's fourth album.



Tomorrow is a better day

because of a good choice of the present.

I seek a good way, good ways,

toward being successful,

living a life of glorious abundance.

One decision, a million,

a billion, a trillion.

Good decision making is constant

with discernment.

I’m proactively grateful of a life fluorescent,

I in my stead,

pondering behind ahead.


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne


Pondering Behind Ahead

1. Difference

2. I Truly Am

3. I Wake

4. Gratitude

5. Chill Day

6. Me, Celery, & Peanut Butter

7. A Place to Call My Own, Pt. 2

8. At My Core

9. Advance Friends with Benefits

10. Are You Ready for the Joining?

11. When a Good Woman...

12. Be with Me

13. Ven AquÍ

14. S.L.T.

15. Walking My Line

16. Seeking Adhering Life

17. Traps of Familiarity

18. A Philosophy Concerning a Human and a Sinner


Pondering Behind Ahead

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