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I hope all is progressing well.

I am grateful for credit(s) and gifts. When films (or other forms of stories) properly credit their original sources: I am able to explore connections and transitions making each process effective. One of my brothers gave me a small anime DVD collection. One series, Gantz, has a couple of film adaptations. I got to watch Gantz:O, the latest film adaptation, on Netflix. I enjoy creating original pieces and I do think certain stories past may do well receiving honor through proper adaptations. A really good adaptation captures and honors the elements of the original source while illuminating a story (or stories) of its own. As I'm creating, I'll continue analyzing adaptations (as well as other forms of creativity), and, of course, I'll continue constantly finding ways to improve.

Gantz O by Studio Gonzo

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

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