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Living Well is Significant


I hope all is progressing well.


The world's population is growing:

7,700,000,000 on...

People in developing worlds--

What would we build if we were

"of one language, and of one speech" now?

(Gen. 11:1. King James Version)

Have humans properly populated the heavens, the deep, and all considered inbetweens?

What shall be of prosperity

concerning human quantity,

quality of human life,

quality of living,


It's a grand responsibility to be a human,

to be so capable of taking care of so much,

to do so, well, in positive ways

is fascinating, impressive, and proving

of greater positive realities,

great positive realms of existence.

Proving ways so are of daily efforts. One Planck time after another: now, must be adhered to.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Kevin Dufresne creating and eating vegetables wearing a Seton Hall University fleece

(King James Version. King James Bible Online, Accessed 03 Oct. 2019.)

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