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It Is Not Utopian


I hope all is progressing well.


It is not utopian for one

to expect of one's self

by action, living one's life

as best as one may,

to commit to proving positive

ideals improving and sustaining

better human conditions,

it is most natural.

One need not come from a perfect world

to become a good person and

contribute to bettering the universe:

Some start from atonement,

some start from not a thing,

some start from whatever everything is to them,

some start from where and when someone starts,

some start from where and when someone leaves off,

some start somewhere along a way,

some start from no where and when,

some start from every where and when,

some start from some where and when,

and continue on through life

knowing a tomorrow is ready

with no promise of life

though with positive expectations

through their positive commitments

toward improving the universe.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Nymphalis Antiopa; Mourning Cloak; Camberwell Beauty; Grand Surprise; White Petticoat

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