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I hope all is progressing well.


Active, aware, beautiful, fit, healthy, intelligent, reasonable, responsible, sexy woman:

I am the only me.

You are the only you.

Let’s not leave each other alone by a wayside.

Let’s grip each other.

We belong together.

Let go, like a cloud with heavy accumulating droplets, growths into growths, you don’t need to hold everything, everything does not need holding.

Let burdens fall away from you.

A human mind can become near anything, from near anything, like a cloud from a speck of dust.

Temperature can affect a droplet,

temperament can affect an act and/or potential habit.

Nature will be, nature is—always—one must not be stagnant, no human really can be.

Don’t block yourself, don’t let anyone block you——come.

Come, and be free with me.

Come, and be free with me.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

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