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Ven Aquí


To good women, particularly ones I may share a mutual romantic attraction, I do not think of any ethnicity better than another, it’s just I feel it necessary to communicate “Ven Aquí” in Spanish (que yo hablo mucho mejor ahora pero lento por favor si/cuando hablas conmigo) due to The Lady of the Long-Lived Short Years’s (if you're unaware, watch my Piature about her via my website) language background. I’m not trying to replace anyone, that’s a different kind of mentality and/or rudeness, to me. I’m not trying to get with someone to state in some way one woman is better than another, some new standard. I’m not creating to get a particular woman back (if ever even mine by her choice)—that is not my choice alone, and an entirely different scenario/potential set of scenarios to regard, that I as of now do not need to, and, if I ever have to, I and that person will necessarily. I’m sharing appreciation, gratitude, for a woman good for/to me, in ways, in durations of my life, of my maturity.

To The Lady of the Long-Lived Short Years (perhaps a final note, though not an eternal goodbye)

A Dedication (if you will)

If you ever look to me, I hope my honesty makes you roll your eyes, excuse me for being so melodramatic, for your deadpan face, knowing I care, leading to your playful smirk, leading to our coitus, delightful memories. Appreciation, beyond childhood, of my maturity, is necessary. Not all women are the same, not all women deserve the same treatment, respect, or attention—from me, sometimes for a lot of different reasons of varying proportions. As a single man, most of my time with myself (a lady has to choose a man too), thinking of you, a couple or so others, reminds me there are healthy honest women alive that want me, that may want me, that have a history of wanting me.

I remember the night of the day before the car accident, reading about countries that don’t look well upon women drivers, then after the accident thinking of the possibility of not getting into a car accident, with you as the driver. A sense of peace comes over me reminiscing about you working on your car in your garage. I remember driving you home one night, you showing me pictures of one of your women with bigger breasts than you, downplaying yourself like you don’t have a decent body, telling me about all the workouts you try when you go to the gym, the YouTube channels you like, and why, always probing me about topics that interest you cause life is bigger than us, and, we’re important too, I know I’m very easy to be with, I know that may be frustrating since I like being with you, I remember you telling me you like me after a while, we don’t need to tell each other more than our actions prove because we pay attention to each other, I find you moving well on my own, I tell you, with the Creator of the Universe, you never judge me because there’s always more for us to talk about, we understand so meeting from our own paths, it’s not always comedy hour though we have our laughs.

You’re a good woman that likes to be a driver. You don’t mind being a passenger, you don’t only like having a choice, you reasonably and responsibly make full use of your freedom of choice, you interrogate, you are who you are, mindfully, without need for acceptance, I appreciate being with you, we appreciate being with each other, we are aware of ourselves, happenings about, beyond us, we come from experiencing life, we live, we have personality, we don’t fit in and can’t identify with any of the DSM clusters partially because we can accept change, amongst other reasons, improving toward better, best, we’re resilient, we’ll never really know each other, but we trust each other along the way in each’s life, physically, we’re sojourners, you’re a good woman, of your own choice designs, patient to understand, acknowledging there’s a lot one never knows, you listen to reason, discern well, you don’t let pain of your past interfere with our present, I know not every man/boy is a good person, you know that, you know I know that of women/girls too, we don’t make time to judge others, we make time for each other, we’re fulfilling our lives, we’re not together cause of or for money, you graduate debt free, you choose to be with me knowing about my student loans. Memories of us are nice, and uplifting. We don’t try to limit each other to what we want, we help each other grow. It’s not easy always being the one to approach a woman, asking for a number, you take my number down, you use it, so we experience more together forward, you’re straight forward, we’re direct and honest, we don’t assume or lie, part of the reason I’m writing about you now. As always, I hope all is progressing well with you, and I think well of you. If you ever come across this message, especially if after dealing with a bunch of knuckle heads on your romantic, or just life, journey, in years of our distance, know that I’m still improving, taking even better care of myself mindfully-necessarily as I choose, and ensuring to lookout for good women.

You’re a pretty-beautiful woman (to individuals unaware, beauty isn’t only visual, in consideration of the actual definitions, beauty takes longer to discover than prettiness). Thanks for not ghosting me, I learn to make time for romance because of you, in part cause I have a rule myself, one of my greatest romantic blessings, lessons, and rules—when a woman wants to be sexually active with a man, sharing a mutual attraction, the man must get an erection (no matter for how long, if not for long—), or compensate sexually if unable to get an erection (the latter of which I never struggle with—to anyone that does, there are ways that may help, just be honest with your lover upfront to handle that situation before getting into a sexual situation that may require an erection) especially when a woman is astronomically horny.

Thanks for being adventurous, aware, courageous, reasonable, responsible, and willing.

Thanks for not being a brat and/or a coward.

Te apprecio.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

You can listen to my song, "Ven AquÍ":, now.

Producer: Ryini Beats


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