Pianissimo + Overture = Piature; these are the soft openings of some of my creative work, welcome.


Pondering Behind Ahead: Castles With No Walls Towering Over LiFE by Kevin Dufresne

Music Producer: Ryini Beats

Light and Love, of Times: Life of a Freeing Mind by Kevin Dufresne

Music Producer: Ryini Beats

A Day in a Park 


Kevin Dufresne

Beyond a Shore: https://ampl.ink/BM8aO (2020)

Peace & Blessings: Vu Que Je Comprendre ~ Since I Understand by Kevin Dufresne

Peace and Blessings (2017) 


Poetry in Motion.

If you want: close your eyes and rest your head, softly, listening.

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Long Lived Short Years

Artist, Producer, and Writer of "Long-Lived, Short Years": Kevin Dufresne

IG: @Dufreshest

Producer of "I'm Trying To Relax" (Coastline Connect): Peter K. Mawolo www.soundcloud.com/solpress/

IG: @Solpress

Proepilogue: I'm Progressing Well & Real Ones®

Head Creative
Kevin Dufresne

Real Ones Producer
Esau Cabrera



Try-- try-- with all of you-- try,
For you-- for all of your life,
To succeed-- as you may-- day-by-day.

--Kevin Dufresne

Stop, Drop, and Roll!
Kevin Dufresne

More videos are available for viewing via the YouTube channel hosting the Piatures.