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1. Come, and Be Free
2. We Unite Here

3. Biting Lips

4. Wild

5. Work Your Body

6. Cuddle

7. We'll Be Okay

8. Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Snacks

9. Moon Walks, Moon Talks (Plural Emphasis, Heh)

10. Rider


(Poem 4.)

What are requirements for ye to be free in thy life?

(Stipulations ye must answer and discover for thy self)

One may be in a way I do not see, is so the preferential point for thee?

Is so, the way ye seek from what why how when you truly want to be—on, a path, life, of hard-smart-work, self-curiosity and discovery?

I’m choosing, living, a life of good, surplus, not degradation.

My life is a grand baecation.


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne


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