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Belladonna of Divine Seas


I wonder if South Sandwich Islands have good subs,


I wonder if McDonald Islands have good healthy Vegan options,


I wonder if all the good eggs are on Easter Island,


Do Rat Islands ever need an exterminator?


Is it possible for a fox to go extinct on Fox Islands?


Are Near Islands ever far?


Peculiarities of insight,

Dabbling in delight

Of that which is quite

(to never be trite,

before, between, and beyond)

Rife with ripeness, highness,

Waiting, from efforts of patience,

For a fellow to say hello.


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

P.S. The framing is primarily for safe packaging and initial framing purposes; one may find more suitable framing for the piece after receiving the art piece.

P.P.S. Make an offer. I'm the only one to touch the art piece.

Belladonna of Divine Seas

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