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Beyond a Shore is Dufreshest's first car-closet album (all recordings on the way from NJ to California and in California with the recording equipment between a car and a closet, stay creative). 



Can one ever plan to leave?

What’s a situation?

Geographical? Ideological?

With what you will, what will you,

how you will, if you will…?

What are your moral guidelines?

How do you self-culture,

beyond a shore?


Beyond a Shore

1. I'm Progressing Well

2. Love & Lust

3. I Want to Lick You

4. You're My Rock Girl

5. Can You Love Me?

6. Business & Leisure

7. Goals Are Akin to Dreams

8. I Want to Hear Your Story

9. Real Ones

10. A Place to Call My Own

11. Love Me Like the Man I Am

12. Money, Trust, Time and an Open World


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Beyond a Shore

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