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The Eggs of Penchant Waves

Dilapidating tail

wagging rump,

shall we curtail

a branch and a tree from a stump?

To tower through a dale—

of Earth, an older, unbarren lump?

experiences and memories pale

even as noticeable with a jump,

though in comparison to shale,

a spoonful of life, to Earth's sump,

all of many hale

unrestrained from behind-the-chest's thump,

a brain's tale,

lungs pump.


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

P.S. The framing is primarily for safe packaging and initial framing purposes; one may find more suitable framing for the piece after receiving the art piece.

P.P.S. Make an offer. I'm the only one to touch the art piece.

The Eggs of Penchant Waves

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