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The Indication of the Perennial

To know to write one's name, 

like knowing a color of one's eye, 

like knowing a back of one's hand are not the same,

like knowing a size of each can vary especially considering a font,

one is not what one sees though all that one is,

one may know though design,
who is to accept,

if not thy self then why thee?


Is not a river as valuable as soil a river traverses and/or paths a river creates?


By God, is a river just a river?


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

P.S. The framing is primarily for safe packaging and initial framing purposes; one may find more suitable framing for the piece after receiving the art piece.

P.P.S. Make an offer. I'm the only one to touch the art piece.

The Indication of the Perennial

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