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When We Get to Know Each Other Better
Does not a reptile with coldblood sunbathe to warm up? Like
a Sargassum Fish chasing
nipping with permission, Like
a Great Crested Newt dancing,
underwater to attract—
be attractive for mating—
like I may naturally,
to be or not to—like Geese,

for good human connection.
We are being more humane
pleas'ring like short-nosed fruit bats.
We are sane copulating
beyond body languages.
Words, a word, and like Shaw's Jird
we make time, we're not absurd,
choosing to live, loving good.

Onward and Upward,
Kevin Dufresne

P.S. When We Get to Know Each Other Better comes in/with a protective casing.

P.P.S. Framing is primarily for safe packaging and initial framing purposes; one may find more suitable framing for the piece after receiving the art piece.

P.P.P.S. Make an offer. I'm the only one to touch the art piece.


When We Get to Know Each Other Better

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