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Expression—The choice to express in the public sphere is to bare in the wilds your choice responsibilities—where beyond anyone and anywhere else, you will encounter yourself.

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I've got a treat for you, and I hope you love it (at least like it). I am writing! Yet, a lot of my writing is unavailable to the public sphere until going through publication processes! So, I am creating a FREE public story which YOU are able to read via Wattpad! Now, you can experience some more of my storytelling:, enjoy!

Investing well in yourself is a smart idea. Now—investing smart is very important. I have an interest in stocks and Acorns is an investing avenue which helps invest some of my money well with smart investments. If you join with my link, you and I will receive five dollars ($5.00) in our Acorn accounts:! Let's reap the benefits together, enjoy!

One way to learn about yourself is through your genetics. Taking a DNA test is a way to become more aware of your cultural background genetically. Knowing your DNA is a way to better know yourself. If you use my link to buy a DNA kit from Ancestry, you'll spend 40% less than the current full price, and I'll receive a $10 Amazon gift card:

It's a win-win situation!

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