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Lineage. Progenitor.

Where might one find the crop of an ant?

Abundance. Sustenance. 

Homeostatic-Natural Intelligence.

If one is the chicken from after and before an egg, might one answer in accordance with one's self orderings of life personally beyond one's self, solely beyond self, solely within self, by objective definitions?


Is a mind like a trickling from a degassing whether by seemingly nothing or supremacy?

Does a word become almighty as chemicals and choices mix blindly by knowing, knowingly by blinding, knowledge by ignorance, ignorance by knowledge, knowledge by knowledge, ignorance by ignorance, blinding by blinding, defining a/ soul(s) beyond a/ pattern(s) a/ world(s) know and no world(s) know(s)?

A life of good happy healthy romance,

actual human connection,

real human contact,

actual human connections,

real human contacts,

on conscious consensual levels of aware agreement.

Be more responsible with accessible developing science and good enjoyable behaviors.

What's a friend, neighbor, family member, if not at once, a stranger?

What is society without any human?

What is the greatest social commodity if not that which creates the greatest social commodities(y)? 

I cannot be an anti-social economist because I value an abundantly-objectively good future practically as well as theoretically.

Will a capable crow wait on a worm for a tool?

What does either know of each other?

What is either capable or willing to learn of each other?

Is any way either can communicate clearly sensible to any human?

In any way more capably sensible than a human might understand a human?

What might one encounter discovering, exploring, traveling?

How might one choose to experience, learn, be, progress, beyond an abode?

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

My album Beyond an Abode is available for your enjoyment and growth;

Beyond an Abode Producer: Ryini Beats Paintings' (in cover art) Artist: Amarsanaa Lkhagva

P.S. Thank you appreciators and supporters of my creativity. Through the years (since the beginning of Piatures), I've come to find an interesting discovery from people that have come to encounter my creativity—their appreciative discoveries of my previous forms of creativity in connection with my music from prior years. Due to DatPiff's developmental transitions, a lot of my prior music requires different attention. After providing my then mixtapes with the proper attention, I'm glad to announce my music from then mixtapes are now available for your enjoyment and growth;


Long-Lived, Short Years:

Peace & Blessings:

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