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Cloudy Sky Over Watsessing Park

Why do some individuals truly enjoy life,

Why do some individuals suffer life,

By choices of others and of their own,

Outside of and within their control,

Aren't humans capable of honestly acting and communicating,

With the capabilities of learning to reason

well enough to discern intelligently,

Of others,

Of their selves,

Right(s) from wrong(s)--

For the cause(s) of the human totality--

To uplift humans totally,

How much can one really care for another,

Doesn't each individual require certain types of caring,

Can one need too much,

Can one want too much,

Necessities assist living,

Wants may assist living,

How responsible are humans for each other,

How responsible is each human for their self--

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

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