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Knowing Unknown Minds


I hope all is progressing well.

I'm listening to the Danish String Quartet's Last Leaf thinking on a very sensitive conversation at work concerning mental health.

No one knows

what a person really knows

about their self,

Only one knows what

one wants others to discover

(Only one may communicate

their self concerning matters of

their self so others may

seek to help)-- so others

may communicate in return--

Oh! How some cry

of how they learn

to obtain what they yearn for,

as babies needing tending,

caressing, loving, and nursing--

Oh! How some need open arms, embracing,

carriages, and bearings of sustenance

to improve their life--

Sometimes momentarily,

Sometimes temporarily,

Sometimes lifelong!

May love--to each! abundant, fair, and proper,

May love to each prosper!

May the roots of human beings swell in understanding--

May none be taken ill advantage of.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

P.S. Have safe and enjoyable holidays.


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