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I hope all is progressing well.

I'm eating David's Jumbo Ranch Sunflower Seeds laughing about a particular moment constituting perspective. I remember going to Board Game Nights at Seton Hall University. Everyone is personable and welcoming, and the only board game I'm familiar with in the room is Chess. I observe the other board games acknowledging their unique qualities then I mention Monopoly as one of the most enjoyable board games ever to the equivalent of boos & jeers (in that friendly comradic sense that connoisseurs with opinions endure conversing--nothing harsh) though understanding (as I've only come to experience only so many board games thus far in my life).

So, it goes--

how much one knows--

when one knows,

depending on the genre--

of conversation,

anyone's perspective varying,

one should tend,

to gain better,

perspectives understanding.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

The America Monopoly Special Edition

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