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Deriving Variables

I’m listening to “Fantasy” on Kennedy Meets Gershwin by Nigel Kennedy and I keep thinking about a girl. Every once in a while, I come to find, An attraction to a woman, Thin as Olive from Popeye (though not as tall), Head slimmer though still slightly round,

Mind seemingly stretching far and wide— Thinking of her, Makes me think, Boys and girls can be so… silly, & stupid, (seemingly so elementary) I’ve been trying, To put her out— Of my mind, I don’t know— Would I be removing misery or bliss? Like— Love— What’s amiss? Won’t either of you tell me, what gives? If only asking of these emotions would speak for the inner workings of those from which one might seek to derive the feelings as answers from. Onward and Upward, Kevin Dufresne


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