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Choosing Forward


I hope all is progressing well.

I'm sitting in Bahama Breeze...

In respite,

I've come to terms with my life,

as few do,

I've set limits in distances as balances, re-routes like streams from ice caps,

familiarizing myself of mountainous peaks and rivers,

miles off the base of mountains from where I seek

to live extremely well-- simply,

deserving of a better life, not only due to skills but of intent, not given but created,

not for show but from inherent honing, comprehending experiences of life up until now,

had I been completely selfish, I'd have been different,

had I been completely selfless, I'd have been indifferent, had I not my own mind, I'd be a molested naive fool,

as one serves, one deserves,

choosing life is choosing a more stable equilibrium of living which is increasingly becoming a shared responsibility though begins individually, so I'm sitting here thinking of all the times someone has told me about their want to disappear with a few millions onto an island, and I think of how easy life may be and how difficult some make life to be--not only for their selves but for others--and I think of how important it is to set boundaries, limits, and re-routes.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Kevin Dufresne at Bahama Breeze

P.S. I don't drink alcohol. That's a Virgin Ultimate Pineapple: it's a non-alcoholic beverage.

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