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I hope all is progressing well.


Sirens are sounding, implicit reminding, notifying relinquishing silence, enforcing examinants enacting exactly, nettling neuropsychologically--neuropsychiatrically,

saying 'save me' without saying for, from--

and a how is either left to the examiner or a request which doesn't completely save because one must wonder how much fulfilling a request really helps one save their self

then there are them fighting with tooth and nail, brains and brawns Signaling Now, nearly every day Employing to their capabilities Results of their best current understandings, Initiating the world, illumining with their brilliance, Setting themselves so at least they've arrived by some unknown measure of their causations to their freedoms in growing comfort,

Safe, suitable, and uplifting for them continuing on to better, For before the world recognizes them, they barely recognize themselves,

For everything about them has been expressing for them in ways an examiner might not have been able to diagnose -- even if one had responded -- but at least, at that point, one might only need a few things. Onward and Upward, Kevin Dufresne

At the Third River in Brookside Park

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