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--Think-Scribble-Scratch-Write-Scrrr-- zZzZZ--Learn-Think--


I hope all is progressing well.


I've gotten better at writing and

when I stop writing, I think--

neither always birthed into the cold,

etched in sheets or memories,

surrogating either in

a different home, a different abode,

a different pacing, a different mode

with space for backgrounds, set lines, imagining--and, space at all.

I found old stories,

decent beginnings from many years ago

when I began writing and knew I could

when I was done--everything in between

was fun, of the starts and ends.

I wanted to burn them, only a four

second thought then I decided I

didn't, though, in a way, I

already have, the ashes of my mental efforts

then, long settled, in remnant

wholes intact like lit wicks when open.

Plus, I threw half of a pencil-written story away once,

no amount of writing can replace that particular portion of that story,

I had to move on, month after month, and of that which I can read-- of previously written beginnings, I may say, they are good, and-- how I've developed, ay yi yi--

so, I cannot stop writing now,

I cannot find any reason to and

I'm not looking for one,

before and after rest forces me,

reminding me, it is necessary, to

recover and write.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Painted Lady Vanessa Cardui

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