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Beyond a Shore

Hello, I hope all is progressing well. I'm grateful to be able to share my first car-closet album, Beyond a Shore. I am constantly improving toward living a better overall life, respective to me, so I may better improve the universe. I am constantly creating. As I continue developing and learning, I always find positive reasons for the necessity of self-expression. To the honest, patient, kind, supportive, understanding, and positively willing individuals I encounter -- I am grateful. Without further ado I present Beyond a Shore's track list and a link to access Beyond a Shore:

1.) I'm Progressing Well 2.) Love & Lust 3.) I Want to Lick You 4.) You're My Rock Girl 5.) Can You Love Me? 6.) Business & Leisure 7.) Goals Are Akin to Dreams 8.) I Want to Hear Your Story 9.) Real Ones 10.) A Place to Call My Own 11.) Love Me Like the Man I Am 12.) Money, Trust, Time and an Open World Onward and Upward, Kevin Dufresne

Beyond a Shore by Dufreshest (Kevin Dufresne)

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