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God Wants You


I hope all is progressing well.



I remember taking a long

drive one night, music blasting

on a clear road, multitasking

between raising the volume, changing a song,

putting the windows down for a long sing-a-long,

after a time, I turn off the sound system playing,

looking from dashboard lights into night's shading,

orange-green trees, fog-brown skies-- dong,

the breeze, driving into wind, pulsing against my

skin -- cool -- refreshing like dry bathing --


in an extreme grounding, elevating,

though moving in a car, like earth in the sky,

I realize I am a home, rotating,

in tune with the universe, situating

experiencing different languages beyond words

that are increasingly evolving aeons forward,

I am seeking better understanding, neurons toward

that which never leaves me or forsakes me --

free will -- God's rod and staff -- comforts -- me.


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

My single God Wants You is available on all major streaming platforms:


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