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Good day.


One call, one chat—

Between California and Delaware—

Not for Winter, for growth—

In a Tiguan than a Jetta a salesperson recommends for lower costs

with a possibility of being in California in a couple of years—

breaking bread, laying peace, toward goals—

I am a home; I am within myself—

I think it’s healthy to observe a state one lives in, with—personally—broadly:

it’s good for developing one’s being, understanding, health, extending communities, countries, nations, people, orders, societies—

I’m reasonably grateful and proud of myself.

I only want good, excellence, best, better—

not completely selfish, and I’m not sorry about that—being aware, living, my life.

Why am I so, me?

Since young—

Being before age—

Ever wake to a girl or woman staring or talking to you, sleeping/pre-waking?

The Betty Draper Phenomenon—the exposition of her character in that scene particularly, not the entirety of the Mad Men’s series though largely in connection with her character, in relation to Don Draper—

Not I, like Don Draper—

My origin is before and beyond life.

Are you redefining your choice life, forsaking your choice life, living your choice life, or retrieving your choice life?

Will you redefine your choice life, forsake your choice life, live your choice life, or retrieve your choice life?

What’s your reason of choice?

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

You can listen to my single, "Gratitude," now:

Producer: Ryini Beats


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