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I Truly Am


I hope all is progressing well.


In the future, the businesses of teaching etiquettes and DNA tests may boom,

for identifying ingredients in a melting pot, the world, at large, for deeper enrichening cultural experiences, understandings of family generationally, abroad, for developing family—individuals—that want to identify and uplift rich historical roots, fun-good practices of cultures, regardless of skin color, beyond reparable disasters.

My DNA is of Afro-Caribbean-Euro nations. I grow up in varying communities, particularly and predominantly of Haitians. I gratefully, even more so as I learn more, observe my life, and depths of my DNA—biologically, geographically, historically—beyond disasters and immediacy—expanses of capability, likely in any individual, a possibility, here particularly, branches of Haiti, a great nation, a more prominent actuality in the latter 18th and early 19th centuries—coffee before Dunkin’ and Starbucks, sugar to, maybe, put in a brew, cacao, for a potential future flavor, indigo, and cotton—economy without nuisance is not problematic or frightening to a sensible person now.

Collaboration. Haitian Freedom Fighters. Alexandre Pétion talks with Simón Bolívar across history. The Venezuelan flag has a home in Haiti.



Let nations shake hands at the unions of now, knowing Savannah Georgia, so W.E.B. DuBois can become a prominent communicator, leader, researcher, teacher (and more)—so John James Audubon can watch birds and appreciate art—so Wyclef Jean can sing “Two Wrongs”—What is being one for all and all for one without Alexandre Dumas? What is Chicago without Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable? What’s your list of liver transplant surgeons without Dr. Rose Marie Toussaint?

If Jack and Rose on the Titanic astounds you, what might you think of Joseph Philippe Lemercier Laroche, his wife, and children? Joseph Laroche’s family survives though he is the only man of African descent, a Haitian, to die on the Titanic voyage.

Nations need to shake hands.

Let nations practice being humane, humaneness.

Let nations shake hands, embracing freedom, acknowledging and respecting history, cherishing and uplifting—glory, as is done, properly, in instances like years after Joe Gaetjens scores for the U.S. in the 1950 World Cup of Soccer in Brazil, the Vatican considering canonization for Pierre Toussaint and Elizabeth Clarisse Lange—

L’union fait la force; unity makes strength.

The list can be far greater, every country may have one, in collaboration, alone, all toward improving the global community well.

Let’s properly develop futures without nuisance.

Let’s shake hands.

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

IG: @Dufreshest

You can listen to my single, "I Truly Am," now:

Producer: Ryini Beats

P.S. My mother, Simone Dufresne, fulfills one of her life goals to build a school in Haiti, Simone Paulché Ministries, Inc. You can learn more about the school and support developing youth in Haiti by purchasing a bag of coffee via


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