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Light of Times & Love, of Times


I hope all is progressing well.


Some memories are like leaves -- energy, trees use a lot of water to transport energy. In Winter, water expands -- freezing -- capable of severely harming a tree's cells -- if leaves stay on branches, catching snow and ice, accumulating weight may separate branches from a tree -- severely harming a tree -- more so, excluding Winter, in somewhat of a drought, a tree may need more water to function properly -- if leaves start dying in connection, a branch might too -- naturally, chemicals process to remove a dying leaf as a branch becomes dormant til a coming spring -- sometimes a single memory can be so evergreen, so, like an evergreen plant develops an anti-freeze agent for a leaf, so might a human with a mindset to preserve a memory. Creating from memories requires energy. Here I am, from a Spring of my life, creating and sharing, a tree full of branches and leaves that bears eternal sustenance in forms of experiential developments, from aspects of my life, eye opening creative processes increasing my awareness of aspects of life -- overall -- as well as respectively, particularly, to me.

Why do I appreciate, believe in, observe, seek -- Love?

How else is one to understand reasons Elkanah has Peninnah and Hannah, Boaz has Naomi and Ruth, why Sarah keeps trying with an about a hundred year old Abraham--?

Love and sex are spiritual--

delicate topics, I pray one only has good instructions growing or sooner learns one must construct and instruct one's self toward one's choice life--

there is love that amplifies,

there is love that simplifies,

there is love resulting in balance as is so in its inbetweens,

there is love one may hold on to,

there is love one must let go,

there is love someone may want from you that is not fair to you, love is not only of one side, there is love that will always complete a person, there is love that will always leave a person incomplete,

there is love that is simple,

there is love that is complex--

live with love best and proper for you, and between you and your partner-- your life, your lives--

there are so many facets of love, so I approach love best for me, and share with you -- bits of realities of my choice developing life.

I am -- with God, my creativity, my tools -- and live. I am grateful for my willingness to my choice commitments -- goals. I create as much as I reasonably may in a day.

I hope my albums -- Light of Times & Love, of Times -- oral histories of developing parts of my life, may help one better grow and navigate one's own life. I hope you better learn, and listen well.

Wonders can grow in and between the dark and light.

My albums -- Light of Times & Love, of Times -- are accessible;

Light of Times:

Love, of Times:

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Photographer Instagram: @individually.focused

Producer Instagram: @ryinibeats


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