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Pondering Behind Ahead


I hope all is progressing well.

There are about 365 days in a year,

about 8,760 hours.

Why are you existing the way you are right now—

Why in a way you’re planning—

Why in a way you’re going to proceed, hopefully not mindlessly—

How are you filling your life?

I bring you Beyond a Shore, anchoring as monsoons, typhoons, and cyclones of my emotions and experiences encounter reason as well as resolve, like a vessel passing through “Dangerous Ground” of the South China Sea to as well as by Light and Love, of Times, propelling myself toward myself—the ever present being very rarely any meet, that no one knows—becoming more aware, learning, creating, contemplating, processing, reasoning in the caverns and crevices of my mind conglomerates, lifestyles, materiality, humanity, reality and wealth—reminding me, that I’m alive, I’m alive, even with all the living already done, there’s more living to do, more living to be, for in all talk of that which is a part of life, is essence of life itself apart from what makes it, life.

You’re ready to personally develop, become a better communicator, move about the world on your own, think on your own, practice self-reliance, and become self-reliant?

Everyone needs a good dictionary. Good dictionaries need to be in every household. If a person hands out any physical book or pamphlet type material, one will do the world at large better by handing out a good dictionary as well.

Are you ready to assess personal characteristics and habits?

Do you recognize the temporariness of life and want to progress toward better versions of your life?

You’re ready to live forward, an honest life, well-rounding life?

You’re ready to completely face every aspect of your life?

You’re ready to become an individual?

You’re ready to be in touch with true reality?

You’re ready to observe your life, more so than outside your life?

Experiencing my creativity may lead one toward living a sane, if not saner, life, and may assist one with well-rounding one’s self, freeing one’s self by challenging one’s self in one’s life, potentially already with many challenges, toward resolves.

Resolve. Progress well.

You can listen to my album, Pondering Behind Ahead, now:

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

Producer: Ryini Beats


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