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I hope all is progressing well.



We Are Like Hands


You know how hands come together to clap,

sometimes gentle, soft, rough, hard, stinging, wet,

barely touching, not touching at all -- yet,

connecting through a whole despite a gap?


Might our meetings be incidental or

mayhap poetry slipping through your lips

so naturally, always with a quip,

at me, intentions, coincidental?


I remember your voice reaching my heart

in yore years of war, mid battle, piercing

my cold, as though finding a veneer part

of me, in need of better protection.

I remember you wielding, running in

fields like a gazelle as though with

somewhere else to go though nowhere

else to be,

you and your women comrades in a tactical stampede.

Excuse me as I gush a few glimpses of my history.


I don't know how close we are to ever coming even near together again. Yet, if we are like hands on a body outstretching both arms wide to embrace the best of the universe, I hope you are receiving the best of your shares with no harm to good.


Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne


My single Reminder is available on all major streaming platforms:


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