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What Are Humans to Do—as You Enter the Future


I hope all is progressing well.


* What are humans to do, if everyone has plenty of food, a good paying job, if there are no more potentially detrimental climate situations, if there is no more debt, if there is a cure for every disease, if there are barely any diseases anyway, if all living spaces are natural disaster proof, if there are defenses for Earth against all potential dangers in space, if no creature on Earth is corrupt, what will make a human happy, if not already happy, to do that which makes one happy, will not humans still have much to explore and discover in their lifetimes respectively? As you enter the future, remember density, volume, and weight. Learn, in part so as to not live in a world in which (metaphorically) the crown maker of Hieron's crown cheats or fools you. Hieron has Archimedes, present day humans have knowledge, and access to knowledge. As you enter the future, remember the ancients—observe, deduce, and experiment—if you do so well, discerning well, you may live a full happy life, even more so with all that already makes you happy, and whole. As you enter the future, remember the four loves: Storge (affection), Philia (friendship), Eros (romantic), and Agape (charity). I find these are good, sound, and varying for all of life. Onward and Upward, Kevin Dufresne

Photographer's Instagram: @individually.focused


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