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See So Much

Hi, I hope all is progressing well. I'm reminiscing about Sunday while savoring Fun Dip: I got on a real horse for the first time.

I want to ride 'em wild; I want to lasso one, Hop on its back, Steer its mane, Look between its ears, Foresightful of paths ahead, Embracing natural reins of life! I want to experience all the good life has to offer-- I was not born into a wealthy family, but I was born into a rich life, life differing and available to all accepting the immeasureable fullness-- the wholesomeness -- of life.

It's easy to live by what one choose to live by,

accessing a choice reality at times feels like being in a long line with two dollars, staring at an ice cream truck's menu, wanting two pieces of the seventy on the menu, only able to afford one that day the ice cream truck will be there its last time of the season, and once it's gone, one has to find a way to return with enough to be able to access their desires, to be able to actually purchase the ice cream of their choice.

That ice cream truck only comes around so often. Why doesn't the person get ice cream from elsewhere? Cause goodness-- it's about the life of the person.

Onward and Upward, Kevin Dufresne

Horse Riding Ralph Lauren Polo shirt

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