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Be with Me

Howdy Good Folk,

I hope all is progressing swimmingly.


Autonomy: The quality or state of being autonomic or autonomous; specifically, the power or right of self-government...The sovereignty of reason in the sphere of morals; man, or woman's power as possessed of reason, to give law to herself or himself.

What occupies a mind can be interesting, processes/processing of a mind are important.

People process differently.

Does my future romantic life partner express and live as though in a world of humans, as a human, a person of choice, equal choice concerning curiosity, life, love, lust, romance—?

Don’t let anyone or anything (including yourself) intimidate you, especially if you are a gentler, more sensitive woman, from making a good decision—following through on good—

I’ll always appreciate memories of using a phone with a chord, a landline—God willing, I hope to have a biological child or biological children that may get to experience using one—meeting a father or mother before any ideas of marriage, true meetings of families—family, different connections—connecting, memorizing a phone number to call once arriving to a landline if unable to write the number down beforehand, holding differently, talking about why or why we want to continue or not continue talking and how, with a parent on the line sometimes too, a potential meeting in a living room, conversations, not ghosting, conversations toward better communicating, a greeting a day after—maturity—

Good men and women, it’s okay to be nice though don’t let men or women push you aside or trap you, some will try, for purposes, not all reasonable or sensible, that disregard a man or woman as a full man being or full woman being, beyond any jocular notion. There are good men and good women living well, trying to better understand life, there aren’t always good men or good women aware of, interacting with, passing by, reaching out, and/or near, them—the good men and good women.

I hope good girls/women and good boys/men aren’t knowingly leaving each other for abandon.

I cannot allow for the destruction of developing good boys/men and good girls/women though that is not wholly the responsibility of one person.

To my future romantic life partner, commonality, to a reasonably mutual degree, of willingness learning/being with each other interests me. I primarily look at women sexually in pornographic material, when women seem most vocal about being consensually sexual, I don’t outwardly sexualize a woman, even if/when/though I may think of a woman sexually, potentially, which is seldom, because I look at bodies, people, each, differently though if/when it’s time for sexual observances then appropriately proceeding occurs. Good woman, recognize yourself, your good, potential, prior to reaching out, perhaps while reaching out, just be human, fully human, enough to do so.

My being single is because, to be anything more requires a consenting-good-fit-intelligent-pretty woman. I’m likely not going to bother you at the gym for a romantic purpose though I don’t mind if you drop a compliment or come by to converse with me, anytime you see me, especially if I can reasonably make time. You can, mindfully-respectfully, dog call me, cat calling for men, if you will. Any development toward anything more requires consent. We’re just one of billions, let’s be the best of ourselves, of the growing all, with all proper developments available to us.

On another note, if anyone assumes, claims, inquires, wonders—or anything of the like—more so than introduces me to a pretty-beautiful women or introduces her to me, do not care or worry about me in that regard, romantically/sexually beyond my creativity—if not now, then in the future, if not where I am, then elsewhere, her and I will meet, and will be, together, in life.

Discuss and experience my creativity in regard to developing individuals and societies.

I am not sorry I do not lie.

I am not sorry I tell the truth.

I am not sorry I live my life.

What one must gather most from my creativity is, even if one goes through a million therapy sessions, one must learn to express oneself in the world after opening Pandora’s Box (metaphorically) in therapy because all one’s experiences are with oneself trying to navigate toward making sense of one’s life—to say the least—learning, processing—. I tell you from experience, living while resolving takes consistent-good efforts in time, blessings of living one’s choice life deserve gratitude.

To the lost single women, on the line between good and evil, between traps and living life free (all usually due to an insecurity)—trying for the best/better for your mental, your character, than not trying, not trying is actually harmful (ideas of security and insecurity prior proper self-discerning may tell you otherwise).

Onward and Upward,

Kevin Dufresne

You can listen to my single, “Be with Me,” now:

Producer: Ryini Beats


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